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Mia Rubey, thoughtSeeker
She lives in Vienna, Austria.
We first met in 2013, while attending one of her dancing classes.
Besides her career in dancing, she is driven by her mission to make people more aware about our planetary challenges, about their environment and especially about themselves.

How did it all start
Mia discovered soon in her childhood the love to dance, out of which her passion formed itself. The fascination for different dance styles and the way these unfolded in the body moves fascinated her from the beginning. Therefore, she tried out several dance styles during the first 10 years of her career in dancing.

A quest in search for the right method of expression
She trained in each of these styles intensively, looking for new dance forms, movements and ways to express emotion, in order to learn how to convey the message in the dance moves. She was fascinated by how one can embody feelings, messages and stories in different dancing styles.

After 15 years of trying out different dancing styles and 20 years of taking dance courses, Mia settled to the Bollywood dance, which also emerged from her interest in India and the Indian culture. This type of dance is particularly rich in various dance steps and encompasses many different dance styles.

Mia in a bollywood costume
Mia in a bollywood costume

Through Bollywood Dance, Mia found the best method for her to transmit the joy and happiness emerged from dancing further to her students. The special feature of Bollywood dance is that it is formed out of more dance styles; it is a real fusion dance style where one can explore and try out a lot.

“There is a merging process with both the music and dance that I sometimes have the feeling I am not in the body anymore. When I really dance, when I am deeply in the dancing process, I become just… spirit. I am still in the body but somehow I free myself form the body through dancing.”

Life mission

Dance is for Mia the way to inner freedom, a path to enter in resonance with one’s own soul and the unique best way to further transmit the right emotion to her audience through her choreography. Because

“Emotion is the only true way to transmit a message in a sustainable way; the right message has to first touch the heart and then the mind. Because the right actions have to come out of the right inner calling, and the right thought from the right emotion; only then sustainable change is possible.”

Mia's dance
Mia’s dance

Why should people dance?
It is a lot of fun. Through dancing, people come together; they make friends and are closer to each other.

“Dance, dance, dance and let your spirit free!”

Find more about Mia and her work:
On her website
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