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Christina Medosch, thoughtSeeker
She lives in Vienna, Austria.
We first met in 2012, when she won the 1st price in the Social Impact Award competition, organized by ImpactHub. Besides her working activity in the field of arts, she found a way to give back to the society and help children with challenging backgrounds in a unique way: with dancing.

Christina’s statement is:

“Life is mostly about establishing meaningful relationships with other people.”

SuperSouleMe offers professional dance performances and workshops. The profits obtained are invested in the support of children and youth coming from an environment which offered them low chances for a good future.

“We offer dance classes in order to teach lessons about life and to give people the skills and aptitudes they need to lead a successful life. We offer dance classes to teens and teenagers who have a difficult social background and to adults, so that we can always bring these 2 groups together after some time and involve them in shared projects.”

Where do you get your power from?
For Christina is mostly the people and the relationships one can build up by going out and try to do something.

“It’s all the shared moments which come from success; all the moments which come from work that you did. You imagine beforehand what the moment will be like, you know, the moment you share with the person will be like. Work until that moment is easy.”

What is your motivation?
The motivation of the team behind SuperSoulMe is the belief in the next generation, and their experience that dance and music can change lives.

“A big motivation is that I realize that I create a job that fits me. I do not have to finish study and try to fit in some job description but I can create a job that fits me. “

“Once you’ve stepped in one of SuperSoulMe’s dance classes or attended one of their Events, you’re likely to discover the power of Dance to touch hearts and minds, to encourage the Young to become gentle where they’ve been harsh, daring where they’ve been shy.” (appreciation by Madalina Serban from

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