Life Meaning and Motivation

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?

You wake up.

Brush. Wash.

Dress, walk, work, walk back home. Kiss goodnight.

Wake up. Repeat.


What’s the meaning of all this?

Is there a purpose to it?

And if you have one, do you manage to keep staying motivated?

We all have hard moments in life. How do you overcome them, where do you get your fuel from?

Because some of us, do manage to overcome everything successfully.

Mahatma Ghandi, Dalai Lama and Barack Obama have their own challenges. Most probably greater than many.

And the probably overcome them much better than many.

But how do THEY overcome them?

We searched for it.

We indeed researched world’s inspiring and successful personalities.

We read their biographies, analyzed their financial reports, inquired about their investments, went to their homes, talked to them and to their close friends.

And guess what.

We found out our answer!

It is about the small things.

Daily routine. constant motivation. DONE IN A STRUCTURED WAY.

It’s about the method and not the single facts.

It’s about small, daily input of selected, high-quality thoughts and wisdom.

Quotes about life that drive personal motivation. Motivation in all aspects of life.

It’s about packaged wisdom.

A daily, constant flow of wisdom, experience and learnings from others who understand the world deeply; who had glimpses in its various corners and understand its various nuances. And its potential miracles.

So, what did we do about it?

We packaged it!

We packaged all their wisdom in a simple and easy to read format.

The best motivational quotes, best inspirational quotes, success quotes, inspirational quotes about life, uplifting quotes. Inspirational words that help you with the meaning of life and to stay motivated.

And deliver it to you every morning, FOR A BETTER LIFE.

What is your daily piece of motivation?

Check it out in the store!

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Be the author of your purpose or purposes and the meaning of life, of your life, will be what you choose to make of it. Hopefully, a truly meaningful life.

What do you think?

Looking forward to your comments!


Fotocredits: unsplash

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