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George Sharashidze writes on his Facebook page in an alphabet many of you don’t understand. However, he might have more in common with you than imagine, although you haven’t even met him. He is happy when he creates meaningful products for his readers, he believes in hard work and he believes in you 🙂

His best description would be

”Do more to get more”

because this is the question he asks himself every day.

George is from Georgia, a country that spent 70 years under the Soviet regime. He regrets that Georgian people didn’t have a chance to a new and modern cultures or entrepreneurship. Because in his vision, entrepreneurship is about making something unique, full of passion and useful for people.

At only 23 he saw the opportunity of spreading the word about Georgia internationally, so he decided to publish a newspaper in English – Georgia Today – , wanting to provide useful objective information about Georgia in English. The readers would have been international travellers, experts working and living in Georgia and anybody and anyone in any part of the world interested to know more about Georgia.

Q: Who are you and what do you do?
For the last 20 years I have been working in the media business in Georgia. My purpose until now was to make Georgia a country with media of European standards. I am a publisher of Georgia’s leading English language newspaper Georgia Today, that has now become Georgia Today Group with several media titles.

We brought three international brands and titles to Georgia. The first one is the British publication The Economist with its annual editions. Another brand is the British celebrity magazine OK, which is very popular in Georgia.

I also moved into the radio business. We brought in Energy Radio, which is a French radio channel. It is also available in many other European countries like Germany, Austria and Vienna even. My recent project is the American brand Entrepreneur magazine, which I just established in Georgia three months ago.

Q: What were the highest obstacles and challenges you had?
I think in our case the highest obstacle and challenge is that the Georgian market is very small. And media businesses, particularly print media like newspapers and magazines, really lack revenues and income. I can recall many situations when we were very close to bankruptcy. But we worked hard and we believed in our product and it was finally developed. We knew that the future is there.

Overcoming these challenges was about hard work, believing in our business and of course never giving up. I think this the main character which distinguishes successful people from unsuccessful ones.

Q: What would be the first thing you would improve in the world if you had absolute powers?
I think it would be giving equal opportunities to the people of the world. If opportunities are there, then of course it is up to the people how they can use these opportunities. But people should have equal access to the resources in the world. I think some people have better access and some not. If I could, I would just start giving them equal opportunities.

Q: Tell us a secret that no one knows about you?
I believe sometimes it is better not to have any secret and to be as honest and as open as possible to people. But I can say that my secret is just

believing in your uniqueness.

Q: What is your secret success recipe?
I think the main recipe for success is the hard work. There is also a quote I once heard: You should not believe in luck, because your luck is in your hands and

you should create your own luck yourself

Q: What are your three core values, three main principles of your life?
The first one is about attitude. It should be positive to everything and to everybody in your life.

The second principle could be believe and trust. Believe and trust in God and in yourself and in people surrounding you.

It’s difficult to choose the third one, but I think it is to just work hard and live your life fully. Never be lazy and give your maximum no matter what you do. No matter if you are doing something big or small, just put your maximum resources and efforts in everything you do in your life.

Q: What is your favorite word?
Trust. If you don’t have trust in your work, in your business, in your friend, your wife, your parents, in yourself, you cannot do good things, you cannot have success in your life.

Q: What’s your favorite quote?
“Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”

Q: Do you have a message for the viewers?
Believe in your own unique capabilities.
Never think that somebody else is better than you.
You must believe in yourself.
Always believe that your luck is in your hands.
Do your job today.
If you just have doubt and if you just don’t believe that you can do something, just look at other people. Learn their story, learn from their experience.
Believe in yourself and just take your first step. Doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, just make it. Then everything will flow out.

You can read Georgia Today here and you can look up George on Facebook here.
You can see more stories about success here.


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