thoughtSeekers is a video motivational platform where individual with outstanding attitudes and incredible achievements are being featured in short videos.

The thoughtSeeker project started from our passion for travelling in 2010. We realized that when travelling, one doesn’t travel only for oneself, but for more. There is a wider cause to it.

There are all the bad vibe news in the media, the monotonous, the seemingly impossible. We thought about a way to support the diametric, to present to the world the “possible”, the “It can be if you really want” and the strength of will. And this became our cause, the cause of the thoughtSeekers project.

We decided to seek and interview normal, usual people appertaining to various cultures we are travelling through, people like you and me with usual, average means, people, who through outstanding attitudes achieve the Outstanding.

Feel free to browse through the platform, I invite you to watch the videos we produced until now.

Read more about the thoughtSeekers project here.

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