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Galina Chernik – thoughtSeeker
With her invention, Galina increases with up to 20% the fuel consumption in engines and increases their lifetime up to 40 times.
We met in Russia, in Sankt Petersburg, when we went to the North Cape.

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Galina Chernik and I am an entrepreneur. I am the head of a small innovative company which is called Active Nano. We are working in the field of nano technologies. The problem we are trying to solve is the price of the fossil fuels, which becomes more and more expensive. We should focus our attention on green technologies and we should try to save every percent of fuel and every percent of energy we can.

Our company Active Nano wants to become world leader in mineral solid lubrication. We believe that every metal part which has friction or wear should have a mineral solid lubricant coating.

Why did you choose the work in the field of nano technologies?
I started reading the general science of life when I was twelve. My parents had both Phd. degrees. From the age of 12 I knew that I would be a scientist. And I must say that when I hear about a really beautiful, amazing invention I have adrenaline in my blood. I immediately think of what can I do in order to promote this invention. Science is my passion.

What are the main problems you want to solve with nano technologies?
The number one problem in mechanical machines is friction and wear. The solution for this problem is the solid lubrication. Our company works in the field of mineral solid lubricants. If you grind minerals, there are certain minerals that can be ground to very small particle size, thus becoming solid lubricants.

You can use mineral solid lubricants in two ways. First, you can put them in the lubricating oil. In this way they form mineral solid lubricating coating inside the engine. Second, you can put mineral coat on top of the surface of the piece of metal where friction or wear appear. In this way you can diminish friction and wear, removing them almost completely. The results are:
– the decrease in energy consumption as well as
– the decrease of the lubricating oil consumption
– your equipment works in a more reliable way
– you increase the service life of your equipment
– you do not spend time and money on repairs and idle time of the equipment
– you can protect your metal from corrosion, abrasion, wear and high temperature.

The main problem is that consumption of fuel grows over the time in machines. The production of fuel becomes more and more expensive. Furthermore, a lot of resources are spent on friction and wear of the mechanism. The major reason of throwing out equipment is the wear of metal parts.

Our solution lies in the fine mineral particles. There are 80 minerals of natural origin that can serve as solid lubricants. We can put these fine powders in lubricating oil in order to place solid lubricant coating on the surface of metal parts or friction pairs. The mineral we use actually is solid waste from deposits in the mining industry.

Which are the applications of solid mineral lubricants?
You can use them everywhere, where there is friction. And friction is in transport, in industry, in agriculture. You can use this solid lubrication solution for engines, for turbines, for pumps, compressors, ventilators and so on. You can use it everywhere where you need to decrease friction and increase energy efficiency.

How much energy can you really save?
For a new car engine you can save maybe 2-3% of fuel. For an old car you can save 15% or even up to 20% of fuel. For a compressor you can save up to 8%. But if your equipment works 24hrs a day, 365 days per year, this saving saves a lot of resources: you will save thousands of euros even if you have “only” 3-4% less consumption.

The best example is one of our clients, a thermal power plant. They had a problem because of the corrosion. Every 3 months they had to repair it, they had to change their equipment, because it was subjective to hot vapour, salts and hydrogen sulphate. After they treated their turbines with the mineral coating they increased the service life of the machines by 40 times. By now it has been working for 10 years without any problem or interruption needed.


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