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We drove about 11 000 km, many of them at temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius. The motorbikes consumed about 650 litres of gas each and sometimes needed important repairs.

The trip took 30 days, among which we underwent 19 days of wet weather. Sometimes the rain did not stop for days and nights.

We went through 12 countries, conducted 13 interviews and met an amazing number of incredibly helpful individuals.

We learned that the power of a team lies in both its members´ differences and similarities and it lasts as long as they share the common goal.

We learned that sometimes, when the wind is so strong during a left curve, one has to incline towards the right in order not to be wiped off the bike.

We learned that when the fog is so dense that you can barely see a couple of meters ahead of you, when the cold is so frigid that one barely can move his fingers anymore and when the end goal lies ahead along an extremely assiduous path in front of you that it seems beyond any possible reach, the only thing that matters in reaching your goal are the next 100 meters lying in front of you, waiting for You to conquer them.

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