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Marc Germeshausen, thoughtSeeker
He lives in Villach, Austria.
We first met in 2011, while he won a prize in Vienna for his activities.
His mission is to find ways in which he can server the youth in need. When he was 17 years old, Marc Germeshausen came upon the idea of GEMMA, a project that was aimed at providing the youth in his community with a means of filling up their free time with productivity.

How did it all start
It all began with GEMMA creating three short movies over a period of 2 years. Despite the fact that in the beginning the coordination efforts were trying and with the government providing inadequate support, GEMMA has now grown into a mature organisation that helps the young to be a part of various events, discussions and workshops.

When asked about his vision for GEMMA, Marc shared

“My goal was to show that young people are not necessarily ‘bad’ as the society views them thanks to media portrayals.”

Marc’s vision
His work with GEMMA serves as a change agent for a society that requires a new way of thought. Currently, GEMMA is working with an educational project called “Make Strong for Life”, that aims to encourage people to see the positives in an individual and hence create a thought incubator that can help implement various new projects.

And what are Marc’s closing words for you?

“If you have an idea or a plan, take the chance to make it a reality!”

Discover more about Marc and his work:
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