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Petyo Angelov, thoughtSeeker
He lived in Sofia, Bulgaria.
We first met in 2012, while he was leading his language school.
His belief was that with hard work you can do anything; even learn an immense number of languages: more than 40, spoken fluently…

Have you ever wondered how people can speak fluently many foreign languages?

“It is hard work.”

says Petyo Angelov (1978-2012), who dedicated his life to learning the root, history and command of over 40 languages and thus has built his hobby into a career. Sigilla, the language school he opened in Sofia, Bulgaria, had as mission to craft a future where Universities emphasise the importance of Linguistics just as much as other faculties.

Petyo Angekov shares what motivated him to learn and speak 40 languages
Petyo’s motivation to study Linguistics stemmed from a childhood inadequacy of being misunderstood by his peers and even by his parents. It was because of this socialization process that Petyo seeked comfort in the all-encompassing world of Linguistics where he could find a multitude of words to express a single emotion. This childhood dilemma soon blossomed into Petyo’s new found love affair with Language.

His secret recepee
When interviewed, Petyo mentioned that it was anything but genius that led to his success. In fact, his motivation was especially a fear of failing, of defeat. Many of us certainly have fears, but as Petyo shows, the ability to succeed out of that fear can propel us to greater versions of ourselves.

Throughout his life, Petyo searched for a universal way to teach people a language in the shortest time possible because he considered that every person can learn languages. Before he passed away, he developed a method to learn a language in 6 months: 10.000 words and a C2 certified command of a language with 6 hours’ time commitment a day. Unfortunately he was not able to pass this to us, but his strong belief is that the will itself suffices and that any self-help materials such as online platforms, audio books etc., can fill in dead times along a day, optimize your daily schedule and be a strong investment in yourself.

His work and passion
Having translated many books, such as Ayn Rand’s opus “Atlas Shrugged” and Czech President Vaclac Klaus’s book “European Integration Without Illusions” into Bulgarian and also achieving the position of Secretary General in the Interlingua community, Petyo has made a name for himself in the literary world.

Petyo Angelov died in the same year we met because of a heart stroke.
Upon this his language school was closed, but his message stays.


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