thoughtSeekers is a video motivational platform where individual with outstanding attitudes and incredible achievements are being featured in short videos.

When was the last time when you travelled? Where did you go?

If you are like us, the thoughtSeekers team, it does not matter that much. What truly matters is the wind which rubs the sides of your helmet, pushes you at high speed backwards and witnesses together with you the fast-changing landscapes.

After the first tours, a few aspects were clear for the team: the landscapes changed, languages differed, customs were different but people were helpful and supportive in every culture. One could find everywhere poets, homeless, rich, smart, hard-working, lazy, artists, engineers and even dreamers.

But what was the moving mechanism beyond everything? What was that one single tipping point, which tipped the whole human ecosystem? What was the impulse, the sparkle, the common thread beyond all the achievements one consciously or unconsciously witnesses along one’s life? Those ones which were at the basis of the creation of the trains, cars, refrigerators, washing machines, airplanes, rockets, bicycles and motorbikes? Who were the cultural creatives, the originals, the outliers, the outstanding ones through attitude and not through means, who were beyond all these creations and what was the differentiator?

The team could not find the answer; and in its pursuit, they settled on the thoughtTrips, searching and interviewing those outstanding personalities, revealing their attitudes and their achievements in short motivational videos, and share those videos with the world. Their mission is to share, and through this, to give back to the worldwide community through raising awareness.

Read more about the thoughtSeekers project here.

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