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Gondolas in Venice, a night in Rimini, monumental sights in Florence and the Leaning Tower of Pisa – further insider tips led us to lone beaches and starfish on Elba and in the sacred halls of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Driving south on the path of the ancient Romans on the Via Appia we immerged in Naples, the City of the Mafia clan Camorra. Furthermore, countless hints of new made friends lead us the way to Sicilian hospitality in Palermo, a quick stop at Corfu, stalactite caves and endless beaches fading in the turquoise sea.

A Greek university graduate working in a gas station invited us to have a drink together, predicted the Greek financial crisis and gave us even more tips for the rest of the trip.

After following the trails of ancient Spartans and having consulted the Oracle in Delphi, endless roads winding up the cold Albanian mountains brought us back through former Yugoslavia to the north of the Adriatic Sea, and after 7500 kilometres, finally back home.

Where do we meet YOU on the next trip?

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