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Entrepreneur. Author. Black Belt.
Simion was committed to questioning everything early on which offered him the drive and the discipline in obtaining a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, learning several foreign languages, taking an entrepreneurial path, learning how to play 3 musical instruments.

The passion for the happiness of pursuit rather than the quest for the destination made possible writing a book in his twenties, in the years of exploring more than 50 countries around the world. In his book he shares a personal interpretation of the meaning of life.

Almost dying twice, after birth and at around 7 years old, his interest in the meaning of life was a constant companion for him since childhood. The initial discussions with others hold the first memories of revolt in the face of resignation, when hearing that there are questions you could never find the answers to. Similar moments continued in the face of seeing attitudes of resignation throughout his life, but amazingly, the strongest introspective moments looking back came from conversations with apparently resigned people whose “why”-s were deeply riveting.

The visceral revolt in the face of the lack of answers was replaced in time by the search for a personal identity, a hunger for understanding himself and the world around. Moving out from his home country at the age of 18 to start university, he immersed himself in a new culture and a new language, which brought forth meanings and words that don’t cross languages, freeing his reasoning of the limitations of one language. Simion shares:

“It planted in me the seed of exploration, of the thirst for experiencing more cultures”

Travelling a distance of more than 1.5 times what it takes to surround the Earth on motorcycle, allowed Simion to discover a new breed of “thoughtSeekers”. Interviewing them motivated him and his colleagues to open up the discussion about his and their own quests.

In his book “On the development of consciousness” he is looking for reasons of our existence and answers to the unanswerable. The book takes you from everyday life and puts you in front of your psyche to get you to the core of being human.

It should leave you with a need to explore, to ask more questions about the meaning of life and even to consider its ideas as possible answers.

Allow yourself to bring forth unexpected emotions, to challenge yourself with vibrant thoughts and expose yourself to transforming shifts.

Traveler in 50+ countries
The stories of all the people the thoughtSeekers team met along the travels challenged their thought system. Seeing so many people, living so many experiences, makes you question your truths, their truths and to open up to sharing stories.

“As a traveler, I have always been deeply immersed in the local cultures, through conversations with other thoughtSeekers, by opening my mind to questioning everything and be questioned in return.”

Thankfully, patiently, lots of the people the team discovered in their travels agreed to let them immortalize glimpses of their own life journey, stories that touch the heart in the best of ways; people with outstanding personalities, outstanding achievements and outstanding attitudes.

During the trips, the questioner often became the questioned in an open conversation spreading across mentalities, cultures and perspectives.

The power of the right questions
The quest transcended into the search for the right questions. Awakening conversations can be carried out only through questions. Answer a good question with another one and you could reach a consciousness shifting thought.

There is great power in a single thought that refuses to leave you once it crossed your mind.
And paradoxically, with more of the right questions, instead of a higher need for answers, you rather find peace, silence and the urge of getting lost in creative expression.

Get lost in the creative act
Opening up, creating, is the highest act in the development of consciousness. Being able to lose oneself in the creative process transforms the creation into all you’ve accumulated and what you became, who you are in that context, in that moment in time.

Reaching a higher level of consciousness happens regardless of whether you want to or not, and it is not correlated directly with age. Simion shares:

“There is no unique “key” to how you can achieve it, but the context in which I put myself challenged me to constantly Re-Think”

His favourite quote? The one by Bruce Lee:

“The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.”

All in all, the question he asks himself even more now than “What is the meaning of life?” is “How can I be of service?”.

He is convinced that in giving away everything one knows, more will come back.

Explore. Question. Re-think.
We explore to develop. Which leaves us sometimes with questions rather than answers. We need to have the courage to personally, intimately, release the creator within.

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